[op3n]012 – ORPHAX – sunlights are fading

ORPHAX - sunlights are fading


Mientras terminaba su tesis, Sietse van Erve robó un poco de tiempo para completar un trabajo pensado para ser grabado en una cinta de cassette de 90 minutos, 45 por cara. una exquisita selección de nuevos sonidos de esta época digital para un formato analógico al borde de la extinción. dulce contradicción ambient. Sietse van Erve (aka Orphax) normalmente camina con docenas de drones en sus bolsillos. Hace unos días se le cayeron unos cuentos. Los cogió y los mezcló junto a otras bonitas canciones. Trabaja de cartero los Sábados por la mañana. Las rutas que sigue aún siendo parecidas, nunca son iguales. Como los drones. Hummm…

Sietse van Erve (aka Orphax), usually walks around with dozens of drones in his pocket. A few days ago he lost some. He took them from the floor and mixed them with other beautiful songs. He works as a postman on Saturday mornings. The routes he takes look similar, but are never the same. Like drones. Hummm… while finishing his final dissertation, Sietse van Erve stole some time to complete a mixtape created to be recorded onto a 90 minute cassette tape, 45 mins each side. an exquisite selection of new sounds from these digital days for a soon extinguished analog format. sweet ambient contradiction.

ORPHAX – “sunlights are fading”


.TAPE. – Movement 2: Island (tapesoundsystem.tk)
2> UBEBOET – Dark Blue (earlabs.org)(con-v.org)
3> CORDUAN – West 1°10’25” (subsource.de)(garmonbozia.se)
4> BRIAN LAVELLE – Telesphoros, My Brother (Second Variation) (earlabs.org)(brianlavelle.org)
5> ORPHAX– When Jeffrey Finds The Ear (Daigoro’s Falling Into The Sea Mix) (orphax.tk)
6> FERNADO LAGRECA – planea (autoplate.org)(greknoise)
7> WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN – D (camomille)
8> TSUKIMONO – Wallstreet28 (fukkgod.org)
9> AARON LENNOX – Periodical Cicadas 04 (cosmicsky.com)

1> MARK ALLAN – Circon-Schx (con-v.org)
2> MARCIA BLAINE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS – Still (Orphax Treatment) (marciablaine.com)(orphax.tk)
3> ERTSLAUB – Burnt Skies (erstlaub )
4> DRONE + RODOLPHE GISSINGER – Noapte Buna (digitalbiotope.net)
5> ORPHAX – Onder Het Noorderlicht (unreleased)(orphax.tk)
6> SEPULCRUM SPEI – Bruma (benekkea.net)
7> ERRATIC – Gravitational Lens (Tirriddiliu Remix) (entity.be)(tirriddiliu.net)
8> M__ – Factory (enoughrecords)
9> ACCRUAL – Frog Enters Throat (marciablaine.com)
10> BANNISTER BOY– Dark Rooms With Red Curtains (driftrecords.net)
11> SCOTT TAYLOR – Stalking Horse (con-v.org)
12> MHPB – Guitarimprov VII (megaheadphoneboy.co.uk)
13> MARSEN JULES – Yara 02 (autoplate.org)(marsenjules.com)



Orphax is the ambient drone project of Sietse van Erve. Influenced by artists such as Troum and Thomas Köner, Orphax makes slowly evolving, emotionally loaded music which takes you into a deep dark world. Over the years he has released several mp3s which are all free for download from his own website, Orphax as well as through the Internet Archive.In 2004 the first Orphax non-mp3album “In A Long Night” was released. This was a CD-R release, limited to 100 pieces and it sold out quite fast, but can still be listened to here on last.fm.In early 2005 the album “Sand In Boxes” was released on The Verato Project. The first edition was limited to 60 pieces and comes with a special bag of sand. It is possible to listen to this album at last.fm.



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