[op3n]029 – SIMON CARLESS – h0l @ Monotonik’s Oddly Retro ‘Age Of Netlabel IDM’ Mix

op3n029_high Sin Simon Carless muchos de nosotros no estariamos aquí. Además de ser el responsable de uno de los netlabels más prestigiosos del universo conocido, Monotonik, es responsable de la sección de netlabels de archive.org. Él ha sido quien nos ha concedido el permiso para alojar nuestros ficheros en sus servidores, más o menos como “el padrino”. ;)

Without Simon Carless many of us wouldn’t be here. He’s been managing Monotonik since 1996, which seems far far away within the netaudio scene. He’s also been moderating the archive.org netlabel community, granting us permission to host our files there, something like being our ‘godfather’. ;)

Some words from Simon: ‘To be honest, I think my netlabel experience has run into a little arrested development – not that there’s not insane amounts of good music out there, but a lot of my netlabel points of reference seem to have peaked somewhere around 2004-2005, in terms of fellow netlabels doing the electronic headphone listening thing. So, from my sadly limited field of influence, here’s a sorta ‘Monotonik greatest idm hits vs. some classics from other labels I admire’, partly cribbed from a ‘best of 2004′ pick I did a while back (!). It’s all totally serene, and should make you happy.’

SIMON CARLESS – h0l @ Monotonik’s Oddly Retro ‘Age Of Netlabel IDM’ Mix


1. Sense‘Bubble Blower’ (monotonik027)

2. Transient‘Electronic Data’ (one016)

3. Grandma‘Why The F*ck Did You Eat My Babies?’ (monotonik087)

4. Evan Valentine ‘Lone Beep’ (lifeform011)

5. Sleepy Town Manufacture ‘Latatoo’ (monotonik094)

6. Bad Loop ‘Mmin’ (one018)

7. Super Science ‘Soft Like Fingertips’ (monotonik101)

8. Text Adventure ‘I’m A Shoe I Miss You’ (observatoryonline036)

9. Grandma‘Are We Dead Yet?’ (monotonik104)

10. Psilodump‘Ensam’ (eclectro001)

11. Bliss‘Life On The Rooftop’ (monotonik108)


h0l, aka Simon Carless, started out making music in the Amiga demo-scene back in 1988, and founded netlabel Monotonik (as Mono) in 1996 as an Amiga demo-scene .MOD group. Since then, the label has released on formats ranging from .MOD through .SID to MP3 and even CD. English-born Carless now lives in San Francisco, where he works as publisher of Game Developer magazine and Gamasutra.com , the leading information sources for video game creators. He also founded the netlabels section at the Internet Archive. In addition, his label Monotonik still releases electronic headphone listening music regularly – check it out at http://www.mono211.com. scene.


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