[op3n]030 – ZOLOTU aka Ilias Mikanaev – netaudio russia


Otro gran nombre de la escena internacional, Ilias Mikanaev nos ofrece una muetra de sus tres netlabels: ElectroSound, Musica Excentrica y Share my Wings. Ilias es uno de los máximos responsables del desarollo de la escena netaudio en un pais tan enorme como rusia. También es responsable del próximo evento netAudio Moscow que se suma a los ya celebrados en distintas ciudades europeas.

I hardly know Ilias Mikanaev but i consider myself wise enough (yeah! wow), to admit he’s one of the big names in the international netaudio scene. Well, i imagine being in charge of netaudio.ru and it’s three awesome labels, being awarded by Ars Electronica and developing the forthcoming netAudio Moscow festival may help, right? This mixtape blends an exquisite sample from his three netlabels: ElectroSound, Musica Excentrica and Share my Wings.

ZOLOTU aka Ilias Mikanaev – “netaudio russia”


1) TAIGA – rusalo *netlabel
2) FAUNA – hollow morning *netlabel
3) PROLOGUE – just the light *netlabel
4) AINM – a song of a pilgrimage *netlabel
5) RESEQUENCE – edges *netlabel
6) MAGUETT – take that *netlabel
7) SIBA – tik tak *netlabel
8) DECEMBERED – vocatus *netlabel
9) CHIKISS – girl from the earth *netlabel
10) UNIQUETUNES – 9th August 1969 *netlabel
11) K.D. EXPRESSION – Unfriendly Landscapes (endless landing version by NoThanx) *netlabel
12) TOEARM – hunter gatherer *netlabel
13) MONOKLE – all at once *netlabel
14) BTB – deconstructive techniques *netlabel
15) AMBIDEXTROUS – MORKVA – organica *netlabel
16) ANTON BATAGOV – can you feel the rhytm *netlabel


Ilias Mikanaev, 30 years old man, web developer and producer, living in Moscow/Russia. In 2002 Ilias started web-zine named ElectroSound, that in a year 2005 began to publish non-profit online releases. In 2006 Musica Excentrica appeared, first as a part of NetAudio Russia project, but now as a separate site, that Ilias also curating (with Nikita Golyshev). At the moment Ilias is NetAudio Russia curator, responsible for primary project management, site support, public relations. Being a main part of Polina Voronova project, Ilias was awarded as Honorary Mention in Digital Musics category at Prix Ars Electronica CyberArts 2007.


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