[op3n]031 – HARALD WALKER – like a firefly

op3n031_largeCUATRO POR CUATRO DIRECTO A LA PISTA: Nuevo diseño, nuevo invitado, esta vez el trigésimo-primero: Harald Walker. Harald es el responsable de sonicwalker.com, un proyecto parecido a este pero en tierras holandesas. Este GRAN conocedor de la escena netaudio internacional ha reunido en “like a firefly” 14 temas de 11 netlabels internacionales, (incluyendo a nuestros vecinos de barcelona Soundworks, que por cierto, parece que has resurgido tras un año de inactividad online). Un mixtape de house amable con toques dub que en ocasiones se convierte en techno ligero y elegante.

New design, new contribution, the 31st invitation goes for Harald Walker. Harald is in charge of sonicwalker.com, a similar project to this one but from the Netherlands. This netaudio WISE guy has chosen 14 tracks from 11 international netlabels in his mixtape for op3n.net, “like a firefly”. A mellow house mix with certain dub spots which tends ocasionally towards some light and elegant techno. A nice start for our next five years online.

Harald Walker – “like a firefly”


1. Patrick di Stefano – We are bugs [Pentagonik, pntg022]

2. Submix – Batiscafo [Audioexit Records, Ae-min005]

3. B. Bommersheim – Collecting Dust (Marius Keller remix) [Zimmer Records, zimmer027]

4. Näköradiomies – Viritys [Lo-Kiwi, lokw-004]

5. H-Four – Aeroplane Blonde [Pinksilver Net, psnet010]

6. Kay Grove – Night Walk [Rest, rest037]

7. Nitro – Silicon (antonio bruno rmx) [Dreiton, dn011]

8. Dennis Desantis – Dig Button [Thinner, thn050]

9. Grau – Catacumbas del terror [Miniatura Records, Miniatura022]

10. Meridian – Centurion [Rumpfunk Records, RFR014]

11. A.J.S.A.R.S – Noro Virus [Auflegware Rec., ALW017]

12. Kexie – Detoxic Demilk [Diggarama, digx1]

13. Funkatron – Orange Tube [Soundworks, SWK01]

14. Kalet – Bass She Wrote [Soundworks, SWK01]

Cover photo by Luc De Leeuw via Flickr


Harald has been active in the music scene for many years, including occasional DJing, VJing and a vinyl release. During the 80’s, he grew up with Electronic-Pop, New Wave and early Hip-Hop and fell in love with House music in 1986. This is when his passion for electronic dance music started and it hasn’t been limited to just one style of music since then. Between 1995 and 2003 he maintained one of the first web-sites in Germany called ‘The Wicked World of Electronic Dance Music‘ dedicated to Techno and Electro music as well as the party scene in the German Ruhrgebiet. After a short break and moving to the Netherlands, he founded Sonic Walker in 2005 to create a free and legal music site, to release DJ-mixes and promote the netlabel scene.


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