Fernando Fonseca’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments

“Actvist, Creative Commons envangelist, sound desginer and A&R for the PublicSpaces Lab netlabel. I like to rant a lot.”

Best Moment 2010

Trying to explain to a bunch of bureaucrats what was a netlabel, what was netaudio, what was Creative Commons and why people would do such a things as ‘releasing music for free that can be stolen by pirates’ (sic).


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  1. Fernando Fonseca

    Hey Mo,
    Just one thing: Mr. Bitterness and “Entertainment for the Braindead” have their links wrong. Mr. Bitterness is pointing to “Entertainment for the Braindead” and Enternainment for the Braindead is pointing to Mr. Bitterness.
    Could you please change it?

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